Keeping the Lawn Healthy When Property Owners Aren't Motivated

Many homeowners love beautiful landscaping on their property, including a large expanse of green grass, but they don't have the motivation to care for all of this. Rather than allow the lawn to deteriorate, they prefer to pay for routine and seasonal lawn care services. That way, they can have this lovely lawn while not needing to mow, fertilize, aerate, seed or manually water the grass.

Managing a Variety of Details

Without a service like the one shown at, property owners with an acre or two of lawn may feel like they need to keep a spreadsheet to remember all the details of caring for the grass. Adding nitrogen, spreading seed, aerating the soil and raking organic debris are all best done at specific times of the year. They must remember when to start thinking about mowing the grass and getting the irrigation system up and running in spring.

Problems That Can Develop

Of course, instead of keeping a spreadsheet, the property owners might create a calendar with alerts that appear on the computer screen or on their smartphone. Again, however, this may seem like too much trouble for people who do not like maintaining a big lawn. They'll see the alerts and never get around to completing the projects. The grass will develop areas of thatch, thin places and brown spots of dead blades. Weeds may start to take hold. Seeds blow in from neighboring properties and weeds can encroach from along the side if a neighbor's land is populated with them. Instead, they may want to learn about jricklawn service and give the company a call.

Mowing Considerations

Especially in an arid climate like that of the Colorado Springs area, grass should be allowed to grow a bit longer than would otherwise be the case. Lawn care technicians generally let it grow to 3 or 4 in. tall. That helps with root growth and keeps the roots and lower parts of the blades cooler because of the shade. The grass is better able to tolerate drought and hours of hot sunshine occurring on a near-daily basis.

Keeping Grass Lush and Green

Keeping a lawn looking great and in optimum health is both an art and a science. Everyone in the household enjoys the soft grass and the view from the patio and from inside. The team represented at the website understands all the finer points of keeping grass healthy, lush and green.